Anecdote Photography

the photographer

TL;DR - A native of Venezuela, a New Jersey resident, an International Wedding Photographer, Second Shooter and Story-Teller.

Photo credit: Mayank Patel of Memories Photography & Wedding Film.

I think It all began with my constant exposure to traditional Venezuelan folk music full of stories about love, magic and myths, that my dad used to play all the time in the house and on our 2 month long road trips around the country, and of course he was(is) quite a story-teller himself. Ever since I can remember I’ve always been captivated by stories, good stories… specially romantic ones :)

As a wedding photographer I am very lucky to do what I love. I feel astounded by the fact that I can tell *a short and amusing (…) story about an incident through photographs and that those images become something else, something super special for whom I take them for. They are not only photographs… they are timeless, they belong to them, they have a place in their conversations, in their houses and in their hearts.

And that’s how Anecdote came to life, as a photography firm with focus on powerful story-telling. My approach will always be to capture the natural beauty and chemistry of the subject or couple on their special day.

If you want to see how my originals out of the camera look like, stop by my Instagram live feed or visit my Instagram profile directly by clicking on the image below.

A little more about me: My early interest in photography started just by admiring our family pictures, all taken by my dad with his old Chinon CM-3. A camera that I eventually used (and that still have with me) in the only photography class I’ve taken while I was becoming a professional journalist in my home country. I’m the second of four (two boys, two girls), I moved to New Jersey on 2010 with the love of my life and now I am Emily’s papi :)

- Edu.

*The actual definition of Anecdote.